January 20, 2017

Ciudad de las Almas Perdidas

El verano fue un momento tan bueno como cualquier otro para continuar con mi re-lectura de Los Instrumentos Mortales, de manera que eso es lo que estoy hice y, hoy os traigo la reseña del quinto libro de la saga.

Recordar la historia, es por una parte una cosa divertida, a veces sorprendente y, en otros casos decepcionante, porque recuerdas cosas mejores de lo que son, sea el caso del cuarto libro, cuya reseña podéis encontrar pinchado aquí.

El caso es que después del gran chasco que me llevé leyendo el cuarto libro (del que podeis encontrar las reseña aquí), esperaba que las cosas siguiesen degenerando. Hace tanto tiempo que leí los libros que ya no recordaba muy bien los detalles. Pero la verdad es que las cosas no han sido así. El quinto libro es una mejora significativa, sobre todo si lo comparamos con el cuarto, pero sigue sin estar al nivel del tercer libro de Los Instrumentos Mortales, o cualquiera de los otros libros que ha escrito Cassandra Clare ambientados en el mundo de los Cazadores de Sombras.

Una de las cosas buenas de este libro es que la acción vuelve a estar presente durante todo el libro, aunque las mejores cosas pasen al final y, de nuevo la señora Clare es capaz de mantenernos pegados a su historia de principio a fin. Sin embargo debo decir, que no considero a Sebastian un buen villano y, por lo que he leído/oído en otras cítricas, debo de ser la única que piensa eso.

Sebastian es en mi opinión una persona que ha sido maltratada por la vida en más de un sentido, pero eso sigue sin ser una justificación para lo que hace. Por el contrario, encontraba a Valentine, como un villano mucho más interesante, porque era un villano, pero porque estaba convencido de lo que estaba haciendo.

Otra de las malas cosas de este libro, es que como siempre Jace tiene un problema. Que sí, que la verdad es que me gusta el chico, ¿para qué molestarme en negarlo? Pero, me empieza a resultar cansino que todo lo que pasa en la saga tiene que ver con Jace, en ese sentido, la verdad es que podríamos alabar a Cassandra Claire, porque en lugar de tener la figura de la damisela en apuros (que sería Clary) tenemos al doncel en apuros.

Y por cierto, el protagonista de la saga debería cambiar como ya mencioné en la reseña del  anterior libro de la saga. Pongamos las cartas sobre la mesa. ¿Quién es el que siempre les salva? ¡Simon!

Con todo esto, no quiero decir que el libro no me haya gustado, porque la verdad es que me ha encantado y, prueba de ello son las 4 estrellas que le he dado. Pero me doy cuenta de que siempre que hablo de los libros de Cassandra Claire comento lo que me ha gustado en lugar de lo que no me ha gustado, así que he decido hacerlo distinto por una vez.

Espero que os hay gustado esta reseña y que me dejéis vuestras opiniones sobre este libro y la saga hasta este momento en los comentarios o en cualquiera de mis redes sociales (que podéis encontrar pinchando aquí)

Nos vemos en la próxima reseña. 

January 18, 2017

My Most Anticipated Books of 2017

Hey guys,

It´s Wednesday and here I am once again. Today’s post is about all the books that comes out this year and I am really looking forward to read. I am going limit this list to books that are going to be published on English so all English speakers can found them easily.

This books are put into publication date. And by clicking on the titles you can go to the Goodreads pages of this books to add them on your TBR.  Without further do let´s start.

Wayfarer by Alexandra Braken. January 3rd

If last year I read Passenger (check my review by clicking here) and love it I cannot wait to read this final book on the duology. The first book it’s about time travel all around the world and it was so much fun.

RoseBlood by A.G.. Howard. Janury 10th

This a Phantom of the Opera retelling. It’s about a girl who is send to a French arts conservatory on her senior year where she met a mysterious and mask violinist who will help her with her music transformation. But there is much more and it seems to be also a fantasy book and it might include some romance.

King´s Cage by Victoria Aveyard. February 7th

This book is the third installment on the Red Queen series and even when in did not particularly enjoyed Glass Sword I am looking forward to see how everything wraps up.

Long May She Reign by Rhiannon Thomas. February 21st

For what I read this book seems to be The Girl on Fire meets The Queen of the Tearling. Unfortunately, I haven’t read any of those yet. However, I have read the synopsis of this book and seems to be amazing and right on my alley.

Freya was not meant to be queen, in fact she was the 23rd in line to the throne, but there is a massive poisoning and the king and those closest to him are killed. Freya found herself in a position of power that she doesn’t want and where she cannot trust anyone, at less until she solves the mystery of the murder of the former king.

Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenserller. February 28th

This a debut novel and if you have been here for a while you will certainly know that I love to support new authors. The premise for this book sounds fantastic and who does not like pirates?

The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco. March 7th

I read on the blurb that this book was somehow like The Name of the Wind which is my favorite book of all times and I automatically knew that I need to read it ASAP. However, I must wait until march.

The Bone Witch tells us the story of Tea a witch who accidentally resurrects her brother and so she discovered that she is a bone witch. Being a Bone witch and having abilities for necromancy may not be as cool as it seems, because from that point Tea is feared and ostracized. Then she is send with other bone witch and her brother to be trained; but evil it is coming sooner than expected.

The End of Oz by Danielle Paige. March 14th

I have just read the very first book on this series and I completely fell in love with it. That´s why even when I haven’t yet read books 2 and 3 I am really looking forward for this book to come out.

For those of you who don’t know what this book it’s about I will give you a quick summary. Oz had a happy ending but then Dorothy found a way to go back and became a tyrant with the help of all her former friends. Now Dorothy must die in order to save Oz but killing her might not be as simple as it seems.

Blood Rose Rebellion by Rosalyn Eves. March 28th

“In a world where social prestige derives from trifecta of blood, money and magic, one girl has the ability too break the spell that holds the social order in place” Aren´t you hook already?

Hunted by Megan Spooner.  April 14th

Hunted it´s a Beauty and the Best retelling in which the beauty might not be such a delicate flower as we all think. She might be a badass huntress.

In a year that seems to be all over Beauty and the Beast I am really looking forward for any new material of one of my all-time favorites Disney stories.

Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han. May 2nd

I know I haven’t read the second book on this series yet but I cannot wait to read the third one. I love every single part of the first book and I really loved Lara Jean as a character. Plus, every single book I have read by this author I have love it so cannot wait to read it. And it comes out really close to my birthday so definitely will be on my birthday wish-list.

The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich. May 17th

There is a secret organization that trains teenage spies. Those spies have the mission of making other teenagers, that will be influential on the future, fall in love with them. Caden and Dylan have the same mission and whoever the girl doesn’t choose will die. What they don’t expect is to have feelings.

Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare. May 23rd

Those who have been on the blog for a while will know now for sure that I love Shadowhunters and I love Cassandra Clare´s writing. Lady Midnight (you can check my review by clicking here) was among my favoritesof 2016 (you can check those here) and I thought it was probably the best first book on a Shadowhunters series, mostly because Emma already knew the show-world and because Julian was so him. Probably this is the book that I am more excited for this year.

The Gentrleman´s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee. June 20th

A fantasy book seet in this world in the 18th Century. Two friends tour all over Europe in he search of a magical artifact that will lead them from Paris to Venice in a dangerous manhunt, fighting pirates, highwaymen and their feeling for each other.

Royal Bastards by Andrew Shvarts. June 6th

The bastards from the nobles witness a crime they were not suppose to witness. A crime that its against the king itself. So the bastards runaway to saves the king life if they arrive on time and if the make it alive along the way.

Warcross by Marie Lu. October 3rd

I´ve only read one book by this author but, what a book! The Young Elites (you can check my review here) was set on a fantasy world like renaissance Italy and follows a different type of hero, I cannot wait to read the rest of the book on the trilogy and read her other trilogy: Legend which also has amazing reviews.

What draw my attention to this book was not the author but the plot. This book follows a young hacker, that hacks a game called Warcross during the world championship. Instead of being arrested she is offered a position as a spy on the championship and brought to the spotlight.

Amalgam by Nelou Keramati

There is no cover neither a release date yet but this is the second installment on The Fray Theory  (you can check my review for the first book here)series and as that one was my favorite book of last year I am really looking forward to see how things continue on this series. 

What are your most anticipated books of 2017? Leave a coment down below with them or just send my a message on any of my social media (wich you can find here). Do not forget to follow the blog to be notified when there is a new post. 

See you all next week. 

January 13, 2017

La Reina Roja

Leí La Reina Roja durante la primera semana de las vacaciones de Navidad y, sólo puedo decir que me entusiasmó. Ahora mirando las cosas en retrospectiva puedo concluir que me gusta el libro, pero me suscita algunas preguntas. Lo que me incitó a leerlo es la portada: un diez para el diseñador. La corona con la sangre resbalando llama la atención, reconozcámoslo.  

Ambientada en un reino imaginario, esta novela nos muestra una sociedad dividida por el color de la sangre. Por un lado esta la gente común que tiene la sangre roja; por el otro tenemos a aquellos que poseen la sangre plateada y que tienen habilidades sobrenaturales. Estos últimos forman una élite cerrada y llena de privilegios. La protagonista es Mare, una chica de sangre roja que sobrevive en medio de la pobreza realizando pequeños robos. Cierto día, el azar la lleva a la corte. Allí demuestra tener poderes especiales, los cuales resultan insólitos para alguien del pueblo. Ello la convierte en una anomalía que llama la atención del mismísimo rey. Este desea aprovechar en su beneficio los poderes de la joven y la hace pasar por una princesa, quien supuestamente se casara con uno de sus hijos. Una vez en la corte, Mare se convierte en parte del mundo de los plateados y de manera secreta ayuda a la Guardia Escarlata, un grupo que prepara una rebelión. 

En general es un libro que me ha gustado. Me gustan los personajes, que son bastante más complejos de lo que puede llegar a parecer en un principio. Es una novela que yo calificaría como distópica, un género que para ser fieles a la verdad me empieza a cansar, parece que todo lo que se publica estos días en literatura juvenil es distopía. 

La historia tiene muy buen ritmo y, por lo menos yo, sentía la necesidad de seguir leyendo. Necesitaba saber qué pasaba después. Necesitaba pasar una página tras otras hasta el final. Me entusiasma haber encontrado a una de esas autoras que te hace querer leer. De hecho desde Sabaa Tahir hacía tiempo que no encontraba nada por el estilo (si bien es cierto que, en ese momento, llevaba tiempo sin leer tanto como me gustaría). 

Por otra parte, tengo una pequeña crítica: hay gros en la trama, que son demasiado evidentes. Al menos a mi me resultan obvios. 

Ahora voy a hacer un análisis más detallado, por lo que va a haber spoilers. Si aún no habéis leído el libro y queréis una primera lectura segura os recomiendo que paréis. 

Como ya he dicho, en mi opinión es una novela de un género del que empiezo a estar saturada: distopía. Pero la verdad es que la lectura me resultó muy amena; en ocasiones hasta adictiva. Tardé menos de dos días en leer el libro. En cierto sentido me recordó a Divergente: Mare es distinta al resto de los rojos y, al principio se cree que es la única con poderes, para descubrir que en realidad hay más como ella y, todos han desaparecido en extrañas circunstancias, como es el caso de su hermano. 

Hay pocos personajes y, me gusta que con un número limitado de los mismos Victoria Aveyard sea capaz de crear un universo tan complejo e interesante como es el de La reina roja. 

La protagonista de la historia es Mare y, es quien cuenta la historia Es una ladronzuela, a quien, en mi opinión, en ocasiones le falta un hervor. A mí, y creo que a cualquier lector, me resulta obvio que tiene sentimientos hacia Carl aunque no lo quiera admitir; pero creo que cualquier persona que haya leído el libro puede concluir que es bastante ingenua: desconfía de todos menos de quien realmente tiene que hacerlo. Sin embargo una de las cosas que más me gusta del personaje es su independencia y, sobre todo (y como todas las heroínas del genero distopico) está dispuesta a hacer lo que sea para salvar a su familia y a su amigo Kilorn. Otra de las cosas más características de este personaje es su tendencia a hacer lo que sea para sobrevivir.

El otro gran protagonista es Carl. Es el heredero y, por desgracia solo sabemos de él lo que nos cuenta Mare. La impresión que saco sobre él es que es una persona torturada porque quiere hacer lo correcto y ser un buen rey. El chico es BUNISISISISISIMO y, siente que no es todo lo bueno que podrá ser. El problema es que de bueno es tonto: está empeñado en ver lo bueno de todo el mundo, incluso de su hermano Maven. desconfía de Elara y, hace bien. Al final cuando le obligan a matar a su padre me hubiera gustado conocer la perspectiva del personaje, sólo puedo hacer suposiciones a través de lo que cuenta Mare y, la verdad es que se me rompe el corazón. 

Maven es el antagonista pero, creo que en realidad todo su problema es que es demasiado celoso y, que se deja controlar por su madre. Es el típico malo de pataleta, es como si pensase que: "como no soy importante me enfado y no respiro". 

Elara, la madre de a, es un clarísimo ejemplo de persona egoísta. Creo que la única persona hacia la que siente un mínimo de empatía es su hijo Maven. Pero, sin embargo, no puedo negar la posibilidad (y la esperanza) de que Maven esté siendo manipulado por su madre. 

Kilorn, es el mejor amigo de Mare y, aquí encuentro un pequeño parecido con Los Juegos del Hambre. Este personaje me recuerda a Gale. Es el amigo de Mare que siempre esta presente. Me da la impresión de que podría llegar a dar mucho juego desde un punto de vista romántico, por supuesto y, por todo lo que puede llegar a aportar a la trama en los próximos libros. 

Hay dos escenas del libro que me encantaron. La primera es cuando por petición de Maven (no es tan malo como quieren hacernos creer, estoy segura), Carl lleva en su moto a Mare a ver a su familia; me gusta desde que Mare entra en la habitación del heredero y comienza a gastarle bromas sobre las armaduras, pasado por cuando le cuenta la verdad a su familia, hasta la pequeña confrontación entre Kilorn y Carl. 

La otra escena que e gusta es la del epílogo: los rebeldes han rescatado de la arena a Carl y Mare y les llevan en un tren a un lugar "seguro" y, Mare descubre que su hermano Shade está vivo y que, al igual que ella tiene poderes. 

En resumen, el libro me ha gustado con un par de excepciones. Maven no puede ser malo y, la supuesta muerte del maestro plateado de Mare, estoy segura de que sigue vivo. Y, por todo lo que he dicho le doy

¿Vosotros habéis leído el libro? ¿Os ha gustado? ¿Hay algo que haya pasado por alto que a vosotros sí os haya gustado? Dejad un comentario con vuestras opiniones.

January 11, 2017

Shadowhunters. How to improve a whole season in just one espisode

Hey guys, 

Once again here I am and as the usual followers of the blog may know already I love everything that is related to the Shadowhunters universe. Except for the first season of the show, as you can check on my review (which you can find here). But after seeing the first episode of this season everything change.

Do not continue to read unless you want to be spoiled about season 1 of Shadowhunters.

There is a huge improvement in the fight scenes. Maybe it is because all of them are among shadowhunters. But at least that high-low speed sequences seems to be over. I really hate those. It makes no sense and make the show look like a bad fantasy from the 90´s or something like that.

But, there is much more that have improve since season one: meaning the acting. I am really happy because I liked Dom Sherwood on Vampire Academy and I was really disappointed by the fact the he was not portraying Jace as it should. But at least in this episode everything related to his acting has improved widely. He doesn’t look constipated anymore and he put some emotions into his lines.

I liked Katherine McNamara as Clary for the last season and that remains the same. But as I said this girl is kind of obsessed with everything first with her mother, now with Jace. Still I like the friendship relationship between Simon and Clary, as I had previously said they really feel like BFF.

Alec still Alec and therefore I still love him. I really think that Mathew Daddario is the ideal choice for this character and he stills proving it. And of course, I like him with Magnus.

I would have like to see more Izzy in the first episode. I think to recall that she is only in three scenes for the whole episode. But at least she is starting to look much of a badass like Izzy on the books.

Regarding the plot, I have to say that they have totally deviated from the books. It is true that there are some elements from book two, meaning just the boat. However, in this episode it has been for the best. It´s incredible how much they have improved, because even when I don’t see a clear plot line for the season I am intrigue with what it is to come.

Also, the writing has seriously improved from season one and I don´t feel like punch half of the character as they open their mouths.

So far, I am invested in this new season and I will keep you updated about it. If you have like this post, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog or follow me on my social media (which you can find here) where I always say when there is a new post.

See you all next Wednesday.

January 6, 2017


Este año cuando le escribí la carta a Papá Noel, tenía claro que entre todos los libros que había tenía que haber uno de Zafón. Un poco porque la Trilogía de Niebla, de la que podéis encontrar mi reseña aquí, me encantó; un poco porque quería redimirle de Lasombra del viento que me decepcionó completamente y, del que podéis encontrar mi reseña aquí.

El caso es que una de mis amigas, con la que siempre hablo de libros me había hablado mucho de éste y me decía que era probablemente su favorito de Zafón. También vi recomendado el libro en el canal de YouTube de Javier Ruescas (os dejo el video del que hablo aquí). Y, Como normalmente coincido con esta amiga y Javier Ruescas suele hacer recomendaciones que me gustan, decidí incluir Marina en mi carta y Marina tuve.

Lo primero que puedo decir de éste libro es que lo leí en una noche, de una sentada. Ósea que el libro gancho tiene y, la verdad es que me ha gustado. Valorándolo como un libro solo merece 5 estrellas.

La historia te atrapa y, empatizas con los personajes. Se les coge mucho cariño; sobre todo a Marina. El protagonista Oscar, cae simpático, es la clase de persona, con la que al menos yo, me puedo ver siendo amiga. El otro personaje que me encantó, porque si algo caracteriza a este libro es la poca cantidad de personajes es Germán, el padre de Marina.

Según dice Zafón, Marina, es la última  novela que escribió para jóvenes; en mi opinión La sombra del viento podría ser catalogada de juvenil. De cualquier manera, todo en la historia tiene un aire nostálgico. Y, nos cuenta la historia de amistad entre Marina y Oscar y, como estos intentan desvelar un misterio, como todas las historias que he leído hasta el momento de Zafón.

Cuando leía el libro no me di cuenta, pero en cuanto lo solté y lo fui a devolver a la estantería me golpeo. Todos los libros que he leído de Zafón son sino iguales, muy parecidos. Los protagonistas son en todos los casos chicos jóvenes, de personalidad tan parecida que casi parece producida en serie. Todos estos protagonistas, con una sola excepción se enamoran de una guapísima chica rubia; por supuesto, este amor con una sola excepción tiende a ser imposible. Y por supuesto, está el elemento del misterio que es resuelto por los chavales.

Sí, la verdad es que todos los libros que me he leído del autor me han gustado con la excepción de La sombradel viento, 4 de 5 no está nada mal. Si fuesen consideradas como obras de diferentes autores sería maravilloso. Pero, ¿no os da la sensación de que Zafón encontró algo que le funcionaba y decidió no salir de ahí?

Supongo que no se le puede criticar, porque como muchos dicen las obras de este autor parecen estar avocadas a convertirse en clásicos contemporáneos. Tiene libros muy buenos y, que a mí no me guste La sombra del viento no es indicativo de nada, salvo del hecho de que los libros que tienden a gustarle a absolutamente todo el mundo a mí no me gustan por citar un par de ejemplos: La sombra del viento, Los pilares de la Tierra y, de momento, mi actual lectura La catedral del mar.

Pero si hay una cosa que me gusta de este autor, es como describe los lugares. En este caso la Barcelona de los ochenta es otro personaje más y, a decir verdad, puedes imaginarte con total claridad todos los espacios que el autor describe. Los diálogos también son muy buenos y, aunque muchos de sus protagonistas sean iguales de novela en novela; en cada una de ellas puedes diferenciar quien está hablando sin necesidad de que el autor lo indique.

En general un libro que recomiendo leer, pero si no os gusta leer una y otra vez lo mismo y habéis leído otros libros del autor, mejor buscad otro.

¿Qué opináis vosotros? Dejadme un comentario abajo o, contactarme por cualquiera de mis redes sociales (que podéis encontrar aquí), donde además podréis ver cunado hay un nuevo post en el Blog.

Nos vemos el próximo viernes. 

January 4, 2017

Interview with Nelou Keramati

Hey guys,
I hope that so far 2017 is treating you right. In my case it is! Tonight I am going to see the Russian Ballet live with my best friend. Obviously, I am really excited about it. But enough about me and let´s go to the actual topic of today´s post.
Last Saturday I posted an article with my favorite books of the year (you can find that one here) and as my favorite book of the year, The Fray Theory is written by a novel author I thought it would be interesting if we all get to know a little bit more about her. Luckily for all of us Nelou Keramati was really kind and agreed to answer a few questions. Here it is the result of that.
First things first, tell us about you and how you started to write.
Firstly, thank you for conducting this interview, Marta!
I studied Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology as an undergraduate, and then obtained my Masters in Architecture. But it was in acting school that I really found myself, and my lifelong passion for characters and stories was rekindled.
While in acting school, I was struck by an idea which I spent two years developing into The Fray Theory. I had to learn everything there is to know about writing fiction, editing, publishing, etc. so that I could turn my vision into reality, and it has been a wonderful adventure!
What´s writing for you, a hobby or a job?
Writing for me is a form of self-expression. It's emotionally cathartic and a wonderful way of exploring all aspects of human nature. It's so much fun to let my creativity run wild, and I love coming up with hypothetical scenarios I wish could be real. But it's also a lot of hard work and requires so many sacrifices, so I supposed it's both a hobby and a job ;).
What are your other hobbies?
I absolutely love acting, and have been doing it for as far back as I can remember. In fact, I love everything to do with the film industry, from studying acting, to working on movie sets, to watching film and TV shows, to writing screenplays... list goes on! I suppose I'm just a lover of fictional worlds, where anything is possible. 
I guess, for what I´ve seen in social media, you are also a reader. What kind of books do you like? Could you recommend one for those who like The Fray Theory?
I love books that open my eyes. Whether it is fiction, or non-fiction, I love gaining a deeper understanding into who we are as people. But most importantly, I love books that make me feel.
As for fiction, one book that's profoundly impacted me is the timeless masterpiece, The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green. It is devastating, and hauntingly beautiful.
As for non-fiction, I absolutely love The Intent to Live, by Larry Moss, a world-renowned acting coach responsible for countless Oscar-winning performances.
What meant for you to see your book publish with such good reviews?
I am still in shock and awe! Not only because of all the positivity, but also because I found so many wonderful friends who were kind enough to give my debut novel a try. It's kindness like this that humbles me beyond words, and I am forever grateful.
How did everything start? Where did you get the idea for the book?
My 2014 was filled with so much serendipity. One night, when my best friend and I were discussing all the peculiar coincidences in our lives, I was struck by an idea which after months of refining eventually transformed into the Fray Theory.
Your writing style is really special and I have loved it, have you seen yourself influenced by other authors? If so, who?
Thank you so much! To be quite honest, since I spent most of my life studying sciences, I only knew how to write non-fiction. So I think the way that I write is really just the way I 'think'. I try to stay true to how thoughts form in my head, and try to describe what I 'see' in my mind as organically as I can.
Some of my favorite authors that have most certainly inspired me are J.K. Rowling, John Green, and Stephen King.
You are soon publishing The Harbinger, but when is the next installment in the main series coming out?
Once The Harbinger is published in January, I plan on writing The Kinetic (the second novella of the series) in the few months that follow. Amalgam, which is the second novel of the series, is scheduled for publication in autumn 2017. The exact date isn't set, but I'm doing everything in my power to expedite the release!
Would you like that something like resonance was real?
You know what? Sometimes, I wonder if it actually might be! All my life, I've had so many vivid dreams that came true later in life; some the very next day, and some as long as 12 years later! The more I think about it, the more the theories make sense to me: that there's more to this world than we could possibly imagine. :D
Thank you very much for answering all my questions but I have one left, which is the question that you'd like to be asked? And its answer?
Oh wow, that's a tough one! I suppose, it'd be cool to be asked:
What do you hope people will take away from The Fray Theory?
And my answer would be:
I hope The Fray Theory will help connect the dots for those searching for a deeper meaning in life. I wish for it to console those grieving over the loss of a loved one, and give hope to people who might be feeling powerless. Most importantly, I want it to inspire people to pursue their dreams, and to think of nothing as 'impossible'.

 After all this I will like to thank Nelou for answering all my questions and once more recommend every single one of you to read The Fray Theory. You´ll have all the links to purchase the book and my review of the book right down below.
The Fray Theory, Amazon
The Fray Theory, Review

The Harbinger, pre-order
@NelouKeramati, Nelou´s Twitter
@neloukeramati, Nelou´s Instagram 
See you all soon. 

December 31, 2016

My Favorite Books of 2016

Today is the last day of the year and as promised here is my favorite books of the year. In case you want to see my favorites from each quarter you can find it down below by clicking.

This year I have read quite a while a total of 106 books. Overall I am really happy because I have read really good books.

This is going to be a count down and I am going to choose my top ten.  There is reviews for all this book except for the one in the 5th position; those reviews will be linked in the title of the books. Without further do, let´s get started.

10. Passenger by Alexandra Braken

If you are interested in a full review of this book you can check it now by clicking on its title. And as matter of fact it was one of the first reviews on the blog. This book it´s on this list because there is action, romance, fantasy and a little bit of history. It was really entertaining and I will definitely recommend the read.

9. The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

Those who are regulars in the blog will know by now that I love historical fiction. I include this book in this list because even when it’s so big I read it in less than a day and enjoyed it so much. It´s addicting and even when it´s fiction reflects a part of the history that it´s not told very often: “What women did during Second World War?”. The Nightingale is beautifully written and full of amazing characters that you will love.

8. Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

I love Outlander in every form of it. I love the books and I love the TV show. The first book didn’t make to the list because the second book it’s so amazing that just eclipse the rest of the books (that I have read so far).

This book made it to the list because it has the right amount of romance and a lot of adventures. And because of Jamie; everyone who has read the series or watch the TV show will know what I am talking about.

7. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

I´ve read this book for the very first time this year and I understood why it´s called a classic. Not only the writing its brilliant but also the story. It´s relatable even nowadays, so many time after.

A friend of mine gave me this book as a birthday present and I am beyond grateful for it. This book it’s amazing. It’s completely different to everything that you have read before and you will love it. If you like mysteries, you will definitely love this one.

5. Le Livre des Baltimore by Joël Dicker

This book it´s supposed to be the second part of The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair but the only thing in common with it is the author and the main character. It’s a book that is not even whithin the same genre that its predecessor but still a master piece.

4. The Young Elites by Marie Lu

This book made it to the list because it goes against the clichés and instead the main character being a good girl, she is some short of a villain and I love it. there is two more books in the series but I haven’t had the occasion to read them yet.

3. The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

After reading this book I understand why mostly everyone tend to say that Brandon Sanderson is one of the masters of the contemporary fantasy. The final empire it´s amazing, it’s a dystopian world with a magic system that is like nothing I have ever seen before. The characters are well portrayed and the author is not afraid of taking risk in order to create a good story. I hope that I will be reading the next installment in the series soon.

2. Lady Midnght by Cassandra Clare

If you have been here for a while you know that I am a huge fan of Cassandra Clare and that at least one of their books have to be into this list. Lady Midnight is the first book in a new trilogy call the Dark Artifices that is set on the shadowhunters universe. In order to read this book you should definitely read the rest of the books by the author so you don’t spoil yourself about the stuff that previously happen and because otherwise you won’t understand much of it.

1. The Fray Theory: Resonance by Nelou Keramati

I received a copy of the ARC for review by the author and I am beyond grateful. I loved this story. I am not quite sure in which gender the story should fit, maybe science fiction, maybe fantasy or maybe magical realism.

But the point it´s that this book make it to the top 1 because the writing it´s compelling and the characters likeable even when they try not to be so. The story it’s addicting and you won’t stop reading until you reach the last page of it. It´s an amazing debut and I am really looking forward to read the next book in the series.

So far, I know that Nelou it´s going to publish a novella named The Harbinger and that is supposed to be between the first and the second book.

And because the author is so nice, she agreed to do an interview that will be posted next Wenesday. 

Those were my favorite books of the year. Which ones were yours? Leave a comment down below or in any of my social media (that you can find here).

Hope you all have a Very Happy New Year.

See you all next year.